The Curry family business goes back to the late 1800’s the first generation was James Curry being a bootmaker his son Samuel then came into and carried on the business the 3rd generation Charles followed the tradition as did his son Jack. It was then when the business changed more in the direction of Shoe Repairs. Jack’s son Brian worked in the shop while on holiday’s and when aged 15 in 1961 started full time after leaving school. The shoe repair trade started to see many changes with the introduction of moulded units something that is very common these days. Brian’s son Andrew started to show interest following in the footsteps of his ancestors working in the holiday’s and when finishing school starting full time. Over the years the business has diversified to offer more services on top of Shoe Repairs other services we do are Engraving, Key Cutting, Sharpening, and much more Leather repairs, Zip replacements but the values of the business have never changed Quality Service, Quality Material, reasonable Price.


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